One to One Mentoring

Diving into the Creative Soul - An Invitation

The Invite

A four day session for individuals who would like to take a deep journey to explore their innate
creativity and who prefer more singular attention, rather than being submerged within a large

With Michael Eldridge

Michael Eldridge is a painter and photographer who has taught for many years as a senior lecturer at what is now the Arts University of Bournemouth and until recently professor of painting at Siena Art Institute in Italy. 

He is also a CTI trained creativity coach.

What to expect

Dynamic days where you will shift back into your precious creative self and be reminded of the simple secrets of making, doing and creating once more with the innocence of a child.

Michael, in his masterful way, will guide you into hidden realms within yourself.

 From there you will start the journey to rediscover and reconnect with the creative self that has been awaiting your return for your entire adult life.

Cost and Location

Cost E800 for tuition.

Accommodation at the Cittadella centre in Le Marche, Italy to be paid separately

For more information and to book

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