Mother bird in nest, 50x50cm, acrylic ink on canvas

You ask me what I think about love? Wrong question (or... I could try, but Iā€™d stumble and mumble).

Cold tree on hill, 50x50cm, acrylic on canvas

But I could sing you dozens of songs.

Elisabetta series (4) acrylic ink 50x50cm, a collaboration with LJE

Hey, My Sweet, tell me tales of love and revolution from your heart.

Elisabetta series (1) acrylic ink 50x50 cm, a collaboration with LJE

And I will stay on the warm sand glowing in light for all my days.

Animals sleeping, acrylic ink on canvas, 80x80cm

Full, comfortable, open, sublime.

Hot Springs in winter at river, acrylic ink 50x50cm

And with my palms to the sky I will then talk to you of love.