Summer Storm with waiting bird, acrylic ink on wood panel. 20x65cm

To create beyond oneself, to evolve, to light the dark. Is this our story?

Lava flow and evolution, acrylic on canvas 50x70 cm

To reach as far as possible from within.

Elisabetta series (3), the day before her death, acrylic on canvas 50x50cm

And to see failure as a gift or possibly a non existent mirage.

Conception, acrylic ink on canvas, 25x25cm

Have you looked at the sky this morning?

Volcano in eruption, acrylic on canvas 15x15cm

Or ever seen the stars reflected in a puddle?

Elisabetta series (4). transcendence, acrylic and mixed media 50x50cm a collaboration with LJE

But most importantly, have you blown a wish to the milky way?

Elisabetta as waiting angel, a limited edition, mixed media, a collaboration with LJE

And waited for the whispered response that is found in your dreams.